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Common Issues/Treatment

We will work with you to identify your strengths and resources and come up with personalized therapeutic goals based on your need.

Some of the common issues and areas of focus we deal with are:

Individual growth and self-exploration - Viewing yourself in a positive light is important and continual growth helps to avoid feeling stuck. You are who you talk with the most so learning to become your own best friend is important.

Stress Management - Become aware of what your limits are and identify the counterproductive behaviors that occur when you ignore them.  Learn how less can be more and how to incorporate destressing into your everyday.

Anxiety - Explore the power your belief system has and how you behave accordingly.  Begin to take charge of your mind and change this in a positive direction.

Depression- How long? When did you notice the change? Who else has noticed? What areas of your life have been effected?  Assessing for clinical depression,discussing your options and working out an integrative treatment plan.

Relationship Issues - Identify the needs of the relationship and those of the individuals.  Let go of destructive communication patterns and replace them with healthy ones.  Incorporate a plan that feeds your relationship with support for one another, appreciation, emotional and physical intimacy, respect and cherising.

Pre-marital - Expectations one has about what a relationship is or should be has a strong influence over the marital relationship. Unveil yours, learn the reality of what is needed to make your relationship work and keep intimacy alive. 

Family Issues - Coping with and adapting to the impact that family members have on one another. Learning how to balance the needs of the family vs. the needs of the individuals.  Incorporate communication that allows all members to feel heard and respected. 

Parenting - Parenting as a team and/or learning how to cope with the demands that parents are faced with. Discuss your differences, compromise and come to an agreement for the benefit of you and your children.  Change behaviors in your child through a behavior modification plan.

Teen Issues - Keeping up social relationships without losing sight of your own goals and self esteem. Coping with current pressures and stressors: parents, peers, school and media.

Child Issues - Identify,express and manage emotions.  Listening skills, social skills and self esteem.

Grief/Loss - Coping with anger, shock, guilt, sadness, anxiety/depression and learning how to live a reorganized life.